In 2015 I have graduated on the study Gastronomy-Sommelier level 2 from the Academy of Gastronomy in the Netherlands. And in 2016 I have also graduated on the advanced level 3, so I can work internationally as Maitre/Sommelier. During these studies I have been educated by renowned experts: Anja Vondenhoff, Edwin Raben and Peter Klosse.

Almost every day I enjoy wine, visit tastings, maintain relations with wineries, so that I can taste much diversity and to discover the unknown gems. This allows me to give good advices to guests.

It gives me great pleasure when guests appreciate the advice, and when it turns out that wine and food pair great together.


Wine is a fantastic product full of craftsmanship and love of the wine makers. It requires know-how, patience and experience to develop this and then enjoy on a conscious way. It does not mean that the wine always should be studied; most of the times, the wine is just delicious. The infinity of wine and the combination of wine and food have surprised and rejoiced me time and time again. Also the mystery of wine has always fascinated me: a vine in the ground up to a glass full of taste sensations. My many visits over the past few years to top restaurants at my home country and abroad, has fueled my interest in wine and later on the wine/food combinations.


As a good maitre and sommelier expertise is a requirement with the aim to let the guests enjoy the right wine/food combinations. It is also important “to read”  the guests upon entry so that a proper assessment can be made of individual wine/food experience.  As maitre/sommelier I want to express the pleasure of what I have if I taste a wine that is a perfect fit for that exact moment. What I also find important is “you earn at the second and third glass, not the first; then there is only a question of tasting “.


Willem ter Haar, sommelier

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