We would be thrilled to tell you how wonderful our wines are, but more importantly is of course your own judgment. To this end, Triple W organizes tastings for consumers and professionals/companies.

This fall, we have a number of tastings in the pipeline: these will be announced via our website.


Triple W handles additionally the unique concept, Wine with …

Think of themes such as, Wine with a View, Wine with Movies, Wine with Music, Wine at the Beach, Wine at the Harbor and many more possibilities.

Imagine a movie like The Godfather with Italian wine or wine from New York State to become completely in the mood. Or the opera La Traviata with a fantastic wine from the Veneto area. Or think of a location with a beautiful view where you drink a glass of wine that suits the situation: such as a fruity and fresh rosé in the summer or a chilled young Pinot Noir. This combined with food, making it an experience.


Starting point is to put the wine in the spotlight under different conditions and to taste the wine with the goal to experience the wine even more and to feel emotion. This can either take place on location at an event or at the site of the customer, business and private.


If this concept appeals to you or you have questions about it, please send an email with your contact information and questions to:


Professionals and companies

During a tasting for you as a professional or company, you can try the range of wines and judge for yourself which wines fit the best in your assortment. You are most welcome at our tasting site in Bunschoten-Spakenburg or during one of the other tastings that are organized nationwide, to which Triple W participates. Of course you can also make an appointment as a company at your own  site.

We are also available for your corporate event to organize a custom-tailored tasting.

For the last two possibilities costs are involved.



If you as a consumer want to taste besides our own tastings, you are most welcome to the tasting site in Bunschoten-Spakenburg. This is possible at a price per person. It is also possible that Triple W organizes a tasting at your place, in alignment with your individual requirements. For these home tastings costs per person are involved.

If you want to subscribe for one of our tastings, need more information or want to make an individual appointment, you can use the contact page.

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